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What is FleetMaster?

FleetMaster is a unique transport control system that fully automates and facilitates the transport company's work related to order management, route planning, vehicle control, and other procedures.

Advantages against competitors

  • Full integration with the transport and accounting program
  • Route planning uses PTV (truck) maps
  • A huge database, including: gas stations, parking lots, car wash, car service, customs, etc.
  • Automatic updates on fuel prices in real time
  • Full view of the planned route and navigation on the driver's tablet
  • Full access to SMS messages and correspondence in once place
  • Assessment of paid roads, dangerous stretches, restrictions on lorries and traffic jams
  • Projections of the number of visits in relation to the driving mode
  • Interactive vehicle monitoring
  • Remote capturing of tachograph DDD files


  • Real-time viewing of current vehicle location, speed, route, fuel balance, etc
  • Suggestions on the cheapest petrol stations when planning a route based on fuel balance
  • Offering the closest parking lots when planning a route according to working time
  • Automatic calculation of the route cost in terms of road charges, fuel quantity and cost, and other parameters
  • “Online” messaging
  • Sending and receiving documents (photos)
  • Recording occupation or movement trajectory violations
  • The inclusion of dangerous road sections in the map
  • Viewing history data
  • Offer recurring routes
  • Fast system work accessible from anywhere in the world

FOR DRIVERS (on a tablet)

  • Display of the scheduled route
  • Navigation (no additional navigation device required)
  • Loading / unloading points (informed about 5 km, 1 km, 200 m in advance)
  • Display of most affordable petrol stations (scheduled and unscheduled)
  • Display of the best parking areas (scheduled and unscheduled)
  • Hosting of CMR and similar documents in the system
  • Display of available rest time
  • Driver swap procedure automation
  • Multilingual system


  • The ability to place an order
  • Ability to monitor orders and their execution
  • Automatic receipt of reports (“updates”)


  • Remote download of DDD files
  • Vehicle condition monitoring (technical inspection, servicing, repair)
  • Automatic data completion in the transport and accounting program
  • Extremely economical use of telecommunication resources
  • Eco driving assessment (“Eco driving”)
  • Effective use of a motorhome
  • Greater efficiency of staff work